Why Self-Guided Fishing?

Sitaks, Alaska Self-Guided Fishing Services
Sitka, Alaska is rich with trophy fish from halibut to coho salmon that will leave the water to take a bait as you lift it out of the ocean.  Most of the protected interior waters offer the best sport fishing in the world.  With a guide, the majority of the sound is closed to charter boats.  Self-guided fishing allows you to have access to amazing fishing and you will often be the only boat in sight.  Each boat will be rigged with enough tackle and bait to get you started.  If you would like extra gear, Murray Pacific is a short walk from your private dock.  You will also be provided with charts and a map to guide you to the best fishing.  Once you leave the dock, you are free to explore and fish at your own pace.  Often times, you will not have to travel more than a mile or two from the dock to reach world-class salmon and bottom fish opportunities.